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When our foundress, St Madeleine Sophie Barat was nearing the end of her mission to educate in 1800, she said that she would have founded the Society of the Sacred Heart 'for the sake of one child' and in many ways this simple message still encapsulates our school today.  We see each and every child as a unique individual with talents and gifts we must nurture and develop in the years they spend as part of our community.

The symbol on our school badge is an open heart which perfectly represents the love, care and commitment we will show to each child. Ultimately, we want your child to enjoy their time at school and leave fully equipped to embrace their future life as a confident, responsible young person with a strong sense of self-worth and ambition.

As a school we enjoy good relationships between home and school, setting the highest standards of behaviour and work ethic with strong parental support because by working together we will ensure the best outcomes for all students.  We have a team of dedicated staff who become familiar with every single child in their care, understanding their needs and ensuring every effort is made to support their development both academically and as people.  

At Sacred Heart we seek to develop the whole child and so provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities for our children to experience.  Our specialism in Computing and Outdoor Education fully supports this.  We provide access to many sporting activities (in which historically we have been very successful) and our pupils participate in many trips and out of school opportunities using our two 17-seater minibuses.  

We are also a UNICEF Rights Respecting School

Our very close relationship with Roehampton University allows our highly talented staff to share their expertise with graduate and post graduate students as well utilising the vast resources the University brings to the school.

The collaborative work we do with the other 8 Wandsworth Catholic schools shares good practice, develops all staff and enables the growth of exciting new projects.

A great education has the power to transform lives, and this precious gift is one you can be confident that our hard working and talented staff will tirelessly strive to give to your child every day and in every lesson.

 As with the four remarkable women who came together in the 1800s to establish the Society of Sacred Heart School, who are School Houses are named after, we share their burning desire to educate and prepare young people to take their place in the world with, purpose, enthusiasm and strength of character.


Anthony Gibbons




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