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Vision and Mission Prayer

Vision of Sacred Heart School

The whole curriculum and way of life of the Catholic school is designed to enable its pupils to grow in every way to Christian maturity. The Catholicism of the school is more than its religious education programme; its whole curriculum must be rooted in a religious understanding of life.

The vision is to encourage the full development of the individual child and to equip each one to take their place in society. We wish the children to develop a sense of self-respect and self-esteem, confidence and independence. By providing the children with a secure and happy environment we aim to develop their own personal qualities, to fulfil their own potential as an individual and to help them form caring relationships within the whole community and respect for the world around them.

As a Catholic school we endeavour to make it possible for this development to take place within the framework of a truly Christian community, where the school, together with family and parish, try to form an environment where the child can grow in the love, service and knowledge of God and of his fellow men and women.

All that happens in the school – its curriculum and relationships, aims and objectives, care and discipline – speaks of God’s loving care for each individual involved in the life of the school. Therefore each member of this community has a vital part to play in contributing towards this truly Christian environment realised through the day-to-day life of the school.

Each child grows at a different rate and in different ways, and the aims of the school are to provide all children with the opportunities to grow academically and socially, physically and emotionally, creatively and spiritually.

Sacred Heart Mission Prayer

Heavenly Father
as we begin this new day
we ask you to send your Holy Spirit into our lives.

 Open our ears
to hear what you are saying to us,
In the things that happen to us,
and the people that we meet. 

Open our eyes
to see the needs of those
around us.

Open our hands
to do our work well,
and to help when help is needed.    

Open our lips
to tell others the good news of Jesus,
to bring comfort, happiness and laughter to other people. 

Open our minds
to discover new things about
you and the world.

Open our hearts
to love you and everyone we meet today
as Jesus loves us.