Online Safety - Home information

• Follow the age restrictions for social networking sites, games and apps

• Keep your computer in a shared area

• Talk to your child about their online habits

• Make sure your child knows what to do if they do come across inappropriate content or something that makes them feel uncomfortable

• Ensure privacy settings are regularly checked and updated

• Encourage the use of search engines designed specifically for children such as or Kiddle

• Explore e-safety sites - There are lots of links to useful e-safety sites for children below. Take time to browse through them with your child.


As a school we are connected to the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) which has a whole array of specific online safety resources which can be accessed by clicking this image link.....



Alternatively, here are  links to some of the more common online safety sites.

 CEOPs – the place to get advice on and report an inappropriate or potentially illegal content or action that you see online. 


Childline - a online resource helping to make the internet a great and safe place for children


 Digizen – this resources all sorts of advice on how we, as adults, can encourage children to become responsible digital citizen and discerning when viewing digital content.


 Internet Matters - Helping parents keep their children safe online.


 Know It All for Parents – is a unique interactive online safety guide put together by Childnet International.


 Kidsmart – a fantastic online resource with online safety tips. There is also a fantastic children’s section for your children to explore.


 NSPCC guide to online safety – advice on the appropriateness of online content from the NSPCC.


 NSPCC guide to social networks - advice for social networking.



Thinkuknow– an excellent website that has all sorts of advice for parents and carers as well as sections for children who want to learn about E-safety for themselves - an excellent resource to look at as a family.


  UK Safer Internet Centre – this website contains a wealth of resources and content about how to keep children safe online. They are also the group behind the Safer Internet Day initiative that is celebrated on a yearly basis.


    Youtube - a parents guide to using the product safely.